Price: $900

State: New York
City: Rochester
Zip code: 14613
Type: Animals

Aprx. 15 years old.
Talks allot.
Refuses to fly, wings are not clipped.
Loves dance music.
He was an abused rescue and acts accordingly.
I have had him for 10 years.
He is never caged and likes to chill out on his cage or desk.
Loves to rip up Kleenex boxes, paper towel rolls and more.
Has his favorite stuffed animals.
Unfortunately he needs a new home, I have become sick and I have a new baby. He has become very mean since the baby arrived. He lives with other birds, dogs and a cat - he has never gone after them until now.
He will only let you hold him or pet him once he really gets to know you and trust you. He is spoiled an not a feather plucker.
He will bite himself when stressed or scared.
He comes with his cage and toys.
? You must be a home owner - because when he screams - which is rare, the entire neighborhood can hear him.
? You MUST have large bird experience.
? This is not a novelty bird, or a bird "just to have" because he can talk.
? Keep in mind he was abused and acts out often. Trust is something you NEED to earn with him.
? He is not a screamer or destructive, he just needs love, patience and lots of peanuts!
? I care about my bird - he will not be given to a psycho bird collector!
? He is on an all pellet diet - no seeds. Pellets and table food only.
Serious inquiries ONLY.
Text ONLY.
DO NOT CALL ME!!!!!!!!
This bird can not go to a house with small children, he gets very violent.
Best suited for a house with older or elderly people.